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Die spagyrischen Konstitutionsmittel als eine Geschichte Ihres Lebens

Das Auffinden des homöopathischen Konstitutionsmittel ist die Hohe Kunst für den klassischen Homöopathen, und eine Geschenk für den homöopathischen Patienten. Dies ist nicht leicht, denn es erfordert ein gründliches Wissen der...[more]

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Spagyric is the shining star among occidental traditional medicine. It goes all the way back to Paracelsus, a great practitioner and mystic, who unprecedentedly succeeded in enlightening our western medicine by smoothing its way out of the Dark Middle Ages and into the modern age.

Spagyric most commonly refers to Phytotherapy, herbology so to speak. Yet, its differentiated formulation, which opens up three levels of the medical plant - body – soul- spirit, gives us as practitioners the opportunity to work on those levels in a therapeutic way.

All of the therapists, who give this kind of treatment the chance to prove itself, integrate a unique therapy into their holistic concept.

The Spagyric I use in my clinic is from the company Phylak Sachsen. It offers me the best possible field of application.

One, whose mind is spiritually trained, may be able to discover the laws of divine harmonic in those skilful formulations. Harmonics, which are visible in the Chartres Cathedral, the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and the Taj Mahal in India, which are audible in compositions by Mozart, and Bach and which can now be experienced simply by taking those ingenious herbal mixtures. Applicable for the support of the astral body and its ascension.

Therapeutic success on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level becomes reality.

The Phylak Spagyric is the main beam of my therapeutic success with MRSA cases – it represents the medicine of the modern age- and it initiated the era of the probiotics, while putting an end to antibiotics.

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