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Die spagyrischen Konstitutionsmittel als eine Geschichte Ihres Lebens

Das Auffinden des homöopathischen Konstitutionsmittel ist die Hohe Kunst für den klassischen Homöopathen, und eine Geschenk für den homöopathischen Patienten. Dies ist nicht leicht, denn es erfordert ein gründliches Wissen der...[more]

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Regena Therapy

In the past 30 years, one of the major approaches for therapists to homeopathic and holistic therapy has been the Regena Therapy. One aspect, which speaks for the Regena Therapy is the mere fact that in most cases I have always been able to apply this kind of medicine to treat infectious illnesses fast and effectively. In fact, in order to save lives, I’ve only had to use antibiotic therapy 5 times in the last 23 years of my career as a general practitioner.

 Doing a drainage (by means of liver, bowels, kidneys and skin), cleansing, diverting and finally regenerating the cells and organs, just like suggested by the founder of the company REGENA, a biologist, called C. G. Stahlkopf: It works and it is the basis of all kinds of naturopathic, successful therapies, for it represents the bionic of medicine, just as if it was a completely natural process. I often prescribe 8 small bottles, which are to be taken throughout the day for about a period of 6 weeks. More than often three Regena courses of treatment, based upon each other, suffice in order to call the therapy a success. The majority of casualties worldwide that died as a result of a bacterial infection can be attributed to a MRSA infection.

The Regena-Therapy is free of side effects and takes effect quickly, yet it is mostly limited to the physical level of illnesses. In my doctor’s clinic, the Regena Therapy represents the medical treatment for the physical level, which is replenished with Bach flower remedies or spagyrical herbal medicines in order to reach the causes of a disease on a more subtle level. The Regena-Therapy was also the basis for my successful MRSA-Therapy.

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