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Die spagyrischen Konstitutionsmittel als eine Geschichte Ihres Lebens

Das Auffinden des homöopathischen Konstitutionsmittel ist die Hohe Kunst für den klassischen Homöopathen, und eine Geschenk für den homöopathischen Patienten. Dies ist nicht leicht, denn es erfordert ein gründliches Wissen der...[more]

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Micro Acupuncture

M.B., B. Chir. Felix Mann, the pioneer in the field of acupuncture of the Occident, has dedicated his entire life to acupuncture in the traditional Chinese manner. He discovered that the therapeutic effect is carried by only a few points, so called areas. Once you’ve found those areas and put needles in them, you will see that the therapy is immediately effective and that the intended result sets in straight away.

This discovery opened up a new era for therapy with acupuncture: the term micro-acupuncture was coined. In micro-acupuncture you very often use one single needle only. Rather than needling a specific acupuncture point, the practitioner focuses on the area with the biggest vegetative reaction, which is directly connected with the disease pattern. An insider tip among acupuncturists. It smoothes the work in the doctor’s surgery.

Exclusively limited to somatic symptoms only, yet in this case – especially in matters of pain treatment-  optimally applicable.  

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