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Die spagyrischen Konstitutionsmittel als eine Geschichte Ihres Lebens

Das Auffinden des homöopathischen Konstitutionsmittel ist die Hohe Kunst für den klassischen Homöopathen, und eine Geschenk für den homöopathischen Patienten. Dies ist nicht leicht, denn es erfordert ein gründliches Wissen der...[more]

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the essence of Eastern medicine.

It is most likely the origin of Chinese medicine, especially the knowledge of body energies, which is nowadays and in more simplified form known as acupuncture. This kind of medicine is believed to be more than 4000 years old. It was discovered in the beginning of the last century in the holy book of the Japanese, the Kojiki, in the archives of the Japanese Emperor by the practitioner Jiromo Murai, and it was introduced to the Western world by Mary Burmeister.

JIN (Human Being), SHIN (God) and JYUTSU (Arts) have many meanings. I like using following expression: Jin Shin Jyutsu is the art of leading those that have left the divine order back to their inner centre. Based on the Chinese pulse diagnosis, a skilled therapist is able to gain insight into how the 12 different body energy centres work, if there is any imbalance, where there is too much or too little energy, whatever reason there is that causes disharmonies and how those are treated by means of the 26 „Safety-Energy-Locks“. The way JIN SHIN JYUTSU works, equals a combined Chakras-/Meridiantherapy and achieves better results than acupuncture, as we are able to harmonise on an emotional and energetic level.

After 30 years of using this medicine, it still remains one of my favourite kinds of therapy, which I always combine with homeopathic remedies, spagyric (i.e. herbal) medicines or Bach flower remedies.

That way I can combine synergetic therapy effects, which show fast, reliable and good results.

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