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Die spagyrischen Konstitutionsmittel als eine Geschichte Ihres Lebens

Das Auffinden des homöopathischen Konstitutionsmittel ist die Hohe Kunst für den klassischen Homöopathen, und eine Geschenk für den homöopathischen Patienten. Dies ist nicht leicht, denn es erfordert ein gründliches Wissen der...[more]

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Bach Flower Therapy

Who hasn’t heard of the Bach Flower Rescue Remedies? They’ve been an evergreen for 70 years now. Even hardened doctors of orthodox medicine know those ingenious mixtures to be a real godsend.

I’ve came across this kind of therapy about 30 years ago, when I was at an international meditation convention and ,instead of having brought my doctor’s bag, I carried brand new Bach Flower stock bottles with me. Without further ado I gave everybody, looking for help, one of my specially mixed and tested formulations. They got back to me straight away, with a feedback that startled me. Almost all of the prescriptions showed positive therapeutic success. That is the reason why I’ve been using Bach Flowers for all of my prescriptions, as a means of emotional support in the early stage of my therapy.

I test all of my mixtures individually, each of them for about 6-8 weeks prior to prescription.

Having been a companion in my clinic for years, I couldn’t imagine doing without Bach Flower Therapy. Thanks to Spagyric, it becomes now an even more powerful and more subtle supplement in my therapeutic treatments.

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